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Male Breast Reduction

Gynecomastia Surgery

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Gynaecomastia is a fairly common condition in men, commonly referred as 'male breasts' or 'male boobs'. Where majority of the patients who suffer from this medical condition are overweight, Gynaecomastia can be result of intake of some drugs or could be an indication of underlying disease.

Medically, Gynaecomastia is caused due to excess grandular tissue o localized fat deposits. Most of the men who suffer from this medical condition are too embarrassed to talk about it. With the help of Gynaecomastia surgery, also known as male breast surgery, men can get rid of their female-like boobs and can seek the appearance of a masculine chest.

Gynaecomastia can occur in males from different age groups. It can occur in adolescent boys aged 14-15 years to middle aged men. The surgery is only recommended for patients who are physically and mentally fit for the procedure and expect a practical results.

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Male Breast Reduction in Amritsar

What are the different types of gynecomastia surgery?

Gynecomastia surgery is a procedure designed to reduce breasts for men who suffer from the gynecomastia condition. People who are assigned male at birth should not have enlarged breast tissue as it is not their physical condition. The gynecomastia condition is marked by the excess breast tissues in males. For the treatment of gynecomastia in Amritsar, you should head to a good plastic surgery clinic in the city. The specialists at the plastic surgery clinic in Amritsar will observe your condition and suggest the different types of gynecomastia surgeries possible.

Why go for gynecomastia surgery?

Gynecomastia surgery is a procedure done for individuals who want to have a flat chest. The procedure is usually opted for by males who have enlarged breast tissue. Many people often face body dysmorphia and wish to create a body image that is more apt for their confidence levels. Plastic surgeons help such people achieve their perfect body image by performing gynecomastia surgery.

What are the types of gynecomastia surgeries at a plastic surgery clinic?

1. Liposuction
Liposuction is a process that removes fat from the chest and from the chest cavity. The gland tissue is not harmed in this process. Liposuction can be done on people to make them flat-chested, but it is only suggested for people who have good skin elasticity and quality. The liposuction procedure does not target the glandular tissue, and it can be best done for people who have very little mammary glands. Many people opt for liposuction to remove gynecomastia because the procedure leaves behind very little residue and scar. To minimize the scarring and increase the recovery time, liposuction is used as a procedure option.

2. Excision
Excision is a more invasive procedure because it includes making larger cuts on the affected area. The overall pattern, length and location of the incisions depend on the patient’s chest size and the size of the tissue. The incisions also depend on the result you want to get from the surgery.
Excision is necessary for actually removing the firm glandular breast tissue. The breast tissue is removed, so the root cause of the gynecomastia condition is addressed. If you do not have a problem with an invasive surgery that might take a little more time for recovery, then you can go for the excision procedure.

3. Combination
There are many plastic surgeons who suggest a combination of liposuction and excision. The combination of these two can be used to reduce the fat lying under the skin and to make a more flat-chested appearance for the person. Sometimes, the excess weight of the breast tissue might cause the breasts to sag, and the nipple will be pulled downward.
To avoid such a condition, the combination method is used. The gynecomastia surgery might also include the pulling up and repositioning of the nipple. This can be done for people who have severe gynecomastia and a lot of fat in their chest area. This is a lengthy procedure, and you might need more recovery time if you go for combination surgery to treat gynecomastia in Jalandhar.


Gynecomastia is a condition that might affect any male individual, and it is not something to worry about or be ashamed of. The condition can be treated very easily with the supervision of a good plastic surgeon. You will find many high-end plastic surgery clinics in Punjab where you can get treatment for Gynecomastia. If you want to resolve the issue as soon as possible, visit I-plast Centre headed by Dr. Seema Mittal in Amritsar and get your first consultation.

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